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I’m THAT woman.

Hello friends.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the purpose of womensville. So that you will want to come back and mostly so that you can leave inspired and ready to put into action things that will truly impact and grow you, in your current relationships.

Here’s what I know;  after spending close to 22 years meeting every week with women. Women need each other. Even though we are some of the most capable and successful women in the world, we still need each other.

One of the tragic things about women is that they compete with each other, not for each other. If women could shift their competitive nature with each other, we could really change the world.

Women compete for status and image. Women, even the most successful have low self esteem, because there’s always another woman who has more of what they want. As soon as we loose touch with being in a state of gratitude, that’s when the villain of low self esteem pops in. (I talk about this in chapter four of my book).

I had the fortunate experience of finding a women’s group that was so committed to serving the community, that we had little time to compete with each other. Instead we competed for each other and all of our lives benefited.

There are very few opportunities for women to really support each other like that.

I just want you to know that I am that woman for you. All those women that fought for my success in my marriage, are the reason I’m still married today.(and happily I might add.)  I am that woman who will tell you what you don’t want to hear, and not worry about you not liking me any more. I am that woman who will love you all the way to success. I am that woman who will not sell out on you.

One of the reasons why women sell out on each other is we don’t want to loose our friends and we don’t want our friends talking badly about us behind our backs. And when tough love is present and it doesn’t land right, that’s exactly what is at stake for all of us.

Just to be clear. I’m here to;

  • Support you in finding solutions to your relationship problems.
  • Help you stay tapped into all of the reason’s you fell in love with your husband but may have forgotten.
  • Give you hope that you are not alone and that right now, you can change your reality to more of what you want.
  • Show you concrete examples of how to keep your level of self esteem high and authentic.
  • Point you in the right direction of getting professional help if needed.
  • Remind you, that you are perfect and loved right now, just the way you are.

Sister-PledgeI, Andrea MacLeod, promise that my mission is to support women to succeed in their relationships. My only motive is to love, support, guide and offer as much assistance and practical advice that I know works. I promise to confess if  I just don’t know  how to help you. I promise to be as authentic with you as possible so that you can trust me. I promise that what I offer you is based on the last 21 years of meeting with hundreds of women each week and is based on what I witnessed and have practiced myself.


Womensville. A social networking site for women.

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Womensville – A Social Networking Site For Women – Looking for Love, Divorce Alternatives, Women’s Studies, Marriage Advice, Dating and Relationship