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Fashionable Gym Clothes

It’s an odd occurrence that when the cold season comes around, the exercising goes down, and we start to gain the pounds.

It’s tough to keep up any normal exercise routine when all your body wants to do is eat massive amounts of carbs and hibernate for the winter. Even if you can’t afford a gym membership, there are plenty of things that you can do in the house with simple household items. Now, I am nowhere near fully knowledgeable about how to keep your body in perfect condition, but I can however help you out with which clothes to work out in. It can be a little intimidating when you first walk into a sports store and really intimidating when you look at one of the fabric tags. Here is a short but sweet break down of some of the most regularly used fabrics in activewear:

Cotton/ Polyester Blends- Cotton has been the most sought after fabric since its first known cultivation, over 8000 years ago in Mexico. It’s one of the softest materials you can find which makes it a forerunner in active wear. One of the drawbacks of wearing cotton or a cotton jersey is the stretch factor. It doesn’t have much resistance, so when it stretches, that’s it, no going back. However, if you buy something with a cotton/polyester blend you will get the softness of cotton with the stability of polyester.

Antron Nylon – Antron Nylon makes up the orientation of many of those shiny looking garments in workout clothing. Think swimsuits and you’ll get a good picture of what this type of fabric entails. It is a fabric full of strength and durability but not the most comfortable for most things outside of swimming.

Lycra/Supplex – Lycra, the 90’s fabric, is one that is used in almost all forms of clothing. It is a type of spandex that incorporates the characteristics of both Nylon and cotton, giving it the stretch and recovery, as well as the semi-softness of the cotton.  Supplex is the new and improved Lycra for the 21st century. This fabric tends to dry very quickly and holds its color incredibly

Climalite – Climalite is a fabric produced by Addidas that feels like a cotton jersey and has the characteristic of wicking. Wicking is the wonderful ability of a fabric to take your perspiration and transfer it to the top of the fabric where it can dissipate into the atmosphere. Doesn’t that sound nice? It’s a wonderful fabric and I haven’t found one I like so much that feels the way it feels and does the spectacular. But everyone’s different, so next time your shopping, for activewear or otherwise, check the fabrics, you may be surprised!

By: Brooke Brazil, assistant NYC Image consultant and personal shopper for My Image Expert New york


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    I am carefully read your blog. Really it is providing Great information Fashionable Gym Clothes. It’s very Nice…….!!!

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