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Control = Never having to trust.

Sis-PunishgirlThere are many short term benefits to being successful and doing what works in your relationships.  Keep in mind all of what is suggested here  can be applied to any relationship, although it is particularly useful with your significant other, in this case referring to men, as same sex relationships are not our expertise.

The short term benefit when you do what works is, immense satisfaction when you decided to do the right thing because you knew it was more important than being right. There are no walls of resistance up, which means there is no reason for anyone to argue with you. It’s nice being irresistible. That’s one of my favorite ways to describe women
who I want to grow up to be like.  Doing what works resonates “I’m ready” to the world. Your usual, everyday problems start to appear smaller as your focus moves away from your own needs.

Here are a few of the LONG TERM  results that come with being a responsible, successful woman in the 21st Century.

You get to: live your passion, be generous, have fun, make new friends, be content, be invited to speak about what you are successful at, generously donate to charities, be irresistible,  write a book, go to book signings, take care of your parents, put your kids and grand kids through university, take regular holidays,  volunteer in whatever turns your crank, give because you can, hire personal trainers and coaches, have your own image consultant, go on spiritual retreats, be powerfully feminine, leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren.  You are purpose filled, content and full of peace.  All of the things your heart desires you can have. It takes work though. Make your own list in your journal. Right now if you like.

Women who have to control everything  miss out on the Joy of receiving help from people who care about them. Control is a false sense of feeling successful. Being Confused is the ultimate form of control…that’s a whole separate topic, but for now what we’re getting at is looking at the idea of letting go of control and letting in the love, really enjoying life, and living in a state of gratitude and contentment.

Control and management aren’t foreign to business women. Just as management works in business it also works in relationships. Control only seems to work when…dog training. (Definition of Control: To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over)  

Here are the dominating traits of a controlling woman;

• hard,
• resistant,
• ego driven,
• bossy,
• unreachable,
•  stubborn
 • self centered,
• irresponsible,
• mean,
• pretentious,
• confused.


Control is what brings out the worst in people,it pushes our friends and family away and leaves us feeling empty inside. Above all control is the culprit for us not being able to access our hearts deepest longings.


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    Anyone want to know more about the opposite of this??

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