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Recovering from an Argument

Greetings sister, Thanks for asking about how to recover from that common, aftermath feeling of an argument with your husband. This is something each of us wives can relate to. You, in your ultimate wisdom and brilliance have the power and skills to turn this all around. Your marriage will have dozens more times of [...]

Relationship Skills

Women were born with the ability to successfully manage relationships. It’s in our feminine genetic make up that falls into the mothering/caring/nurturing/managing the family empire mould. For those of you who do not know this about men, WE SPEAK A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE! You know the whole men are from Mars and women from Venus thing? [...]

5 things you can do today to nourish your relationship

1. Know what your long term vision is for your relationship A great way to connect with the women in your life is to organize a night or afternoon where you can create dream boards together, starting by writing out what your long term vision is for your relationship and then building  your dream board from [...]

You don’t have to like WV, you just have to know what it is.

Accepting and knowing that we, the women are the only ones who are qualified to successfully manage our relationship can be liberating, with the right attitude! It is liberating to have ‘ah-ha!’ moments that revive the trust back into a jaded relationship. It’s liberating to understand a new perspective. It’s liberating to witness yourself taking [...]

Compassionate Unconsciousness

Compassionate Unconsciousness

Last year I discovered the ‘awesome women hub’ on Face book and had an amazing awakening about how many women there are that are making a huge difference to the world. There are over 14,000 of them just on awesome women’s hub page alone. Imagine how many more there are out there. This past year [...]

Mall Men; a sad sight to see

          If you have a husband, do him a huge favor,           tell him your going to the mall with your girlfriend. I’m            betting he’ll be so happy  with the news, that he might           even say “Here’s a $1,000 take your time.” I was at the mall this morning with “mini-me”, and as we stopped for lunch at [...]

You’ve got to be kidding? Why didn’t someone tell me about this?

  OK so I’m going to be forty this year and just realized that I missed my entire thirties of being able to use this very important relationship management tip that is worth millions! So listen up! And for those of you much smarter than me and have been using this your entire adult hood [...]

Transformation; More that meets they eye.

  When I was a kid, we had wee foster children living with us. New-borns apprehended from their dysfunctional mothers would live with us for a few months or years, and then we would have to send them back to their delinquent parents. I may be off on the timing but as soon as they [...]

Fear not evil thwart that’s why we have tech support.

Thought I’d share my conversation with my angelic, super-human, beautiful bombshell of a tech support nerd Alison, of Netgenus; the real genius behind womensville. Also I learned what     “Thwart” means and wanted a chance to use it. From: Alison at netgenus Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 12:36 PM To: Andrea MacLeod Subject: Re: womensville forum [...]

What Qualifies a Successful Marriage?

Had a great interaction with Sharon on FB. I mentioned someone that had a successful marriage in a post and this was her response.  Sharon: “A successful marriage…is that when you don’t quit no matter what or is that one in which you’re happy or is it both? And if it’s both, what qualifies as [...]

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Womensville – A Social Networking Site For Women – Looking for Love, Divorce Alternatives, Women’s Studies, Marriage Advice, Dating and Relationship