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April 2010

Spring Cleaning: Not Just For Your House Any More.

Picture this: You get up in the morning, it is a bright and beautiful day, and you are in a good mood because you got the sleep you needed. You get ready for work, turn on the news, perhaps read the headlines in the newspaper and then you walk over to your computer check your [...]

I’ve grown, he hasn’t. I’m not the same woman.

Have you ever met a woman who was growing and changing and evolving leading eventually to divorce? Emotionally, physically and spiritually she felt like she had outgrown her husband. Have you ever heard a woman say, “I feel like I’ve left him in the dust,” or “I’ve outgrown him,” or “I’ve changed so much, I’m [...]

Marriage is Seasonal.Divorce Alternative.

Like most things in life, there are ebbs and flows, highs and lows. Marriage is not exempt from this.  If more women really knew from the beginning that her marriage was going to have tough character building times, then she could be ready for it. When the love starts to wear off or gets thin [...]


Memories of that phrase come to mind as I watch the Icelandic Volcano erupt over and over again.  It is causing so much disruption in travel, the economy and on personal budgets too.   One volcano in a country so far away effecting things we do here right in Canada?   Wow, powerful isn’t it?  That makes [...]

Womens Health

Womens Health

We are looking for professional and well educated women who have women’s health related tips. Nutrition, exercise, dance, herbs, organic and eco friendly choices and whatever else that we classify as GOOD for Women! Please contact us at info@womensville if you would like to be a regular contributor on this topic. You’re welcome here!

Men ogle while women have eyes in the back of their heads.

Article by Lynnette Vetsch, Director, Amaxa Coaching and Training Services. www.amaxa.org. Men Ogle While Women Have Eyes in the Back of Their  Heads. Does it bug you that your man will turn his head faster than a rabbit being chased by a dog; almost causing himself whiplash when it comes to something that grabs his [...]

Forgiveness is for you; not them.

  If there is someone that you feel has made a negative impact on your life, choose to let them off the hook. Forgiveness isn’t about them; it’s about releasing yourself from whatever has been encumbering YOU by not forgiving them. Try this… “So-and-so, you owe me nothing & I forgive you.” For most of [...]

A Social Networking Site For Women

A Social Networking Site For Women is what Womensville is all about.   After spending over 20 years meeting regularily with womens groups these seem to be the common issues that come up for women.Keep in mind most of these women I’ve been meeting with have been under observation for many many years, so I  [...]

Four Pillars of Support,

Four Pillars of Support Written By: Lynnette Vetsch Director Amaxa Coaching and Training Services The other day I was sitting in a girlfriend’s living room with three other women.  We were chatting about our relationships; our ex husbands and the relationships we were currently in.  It was at that moment that something occurred to me.   [...]

Womensville – A Social Networking Site For Women – Looking for Love, Divorce Alternatives, Women’s Studies, Marriage Advice, Dating and Relationship